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From the Slums of Calcutta to the Concert Halls of London:
The Life and Music of Indian Composer John Mayer

by John O. Robison.
Published by the MRI Press 2019

348 pages, ISBN 978-1-933459-09-7

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Table of Contents

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We have a few copies that have been received with slightly marred covers, however the inside contents are as new.  There is no other damage other than on the cover.

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Excerpted from Chapter 1:

From the slums of Calcutta to the concert halls of London — John Mayer’s story should be an inspiration to all of us who are sympathetic with issues such as social restrictions, poverty, and prejudice. Coming from an impoverished family that lacked the financial means to support a musical career, Mayer also had to struggle against a social system that afforded musical opportunities only to people from upper-class families, deal with the general prejudice against Indians in mid-twentieth century Britain, and prove to those with Eurocentric orientations that Indians could not only improvise, but compose music as well. As a member of such a poor family, Mayer should have had absolutely no chance to have a career as a musician, since this was a privilege afforded to the children of wealthy families. His ability to forge a musical career for himself is truly an amazing story that can best be described as a combination of incredible determination, luck, and the goodwill of many people who offered to help him along this difficult path that eventually took him from Calcutta to London.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1:Biography and Musical Style
  • Chapter 2: Indo-Jazz Fusions
  • Chapter 3: Choral and Vocal Works
  • Chapter 4: Orchestral Works
    • Symphonic Works from the 1950s-60s
    • Symphonic Works from the 1970s-80s
    • Works featuring a solo instrument: Violin Concertos
    • Flute Works
    • Shahnai-Awaz (concerto) for oboe and orchestra
    • Mahasamana for piano and orchestra
  • Chapter 5: Chamber Music
    • Violin Works
    • Cello Works
    • String Quartets
    • Sitar and String Quartet
    • Piano Works
    • Flute Works
    • Recorder, String Quartet, Tanpura, and Percussion
    • Clarinet Works
    • Larger Chamber Works
  • Postlude
  • List of compositions
  • Bibliography



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