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Composition in Africa And the Diaspora

Volume 1


by Akin Euba & Cynthia Tse Kimberlin, Eds.
Published by the MRI Press 2008

186 pages, ISBN 978-1-933459-01-1

$16.00 per copy plus shipping 


The eight essays in this volume are representative of activities exemplifying the mission of CIMACC and whose oral presentations were given at the 1st biennial Intercultural Symposium and Festival titled “Music in Africa and the Diaspora”, at Churchill College, in 2001. Two topics were discussed and included autobiographical discourses on music compositional creativity and the contexts of African dynamism in music composition.

Table of Contents:


Autobiographical Discourse on Music Compositional Creativity 

  • The Compositional Style of Robert Mawuena Kwami:  1973 – 82 (Robert Mawuena Kwami)
  • Three Musings of Kyekye:  A Case for Ghanaian Gyil Music as a Basis for African Pianism1 (Paul W. Humphreys)
  • Selected Art Songs of Wallace McClain Cheatham (Wallace McClain Cheatham)
  • A View from Within (Nathan Davis)

Contexts of African Dynamism in Music Composition

  • This Building is Going to Fly:  Halim El-Dabh and the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center (Denise A. Seachrist)
  • The Choral Arrangements and Performace Practice of Arthur Kemoli (Jean Kidula)
  • Is Modern African art Music a Re-packaged Re-manifestation of 19th – Century Style Colonial Soirees? : The Musical Society of Nigeria as a Case in Point (Paul Konye)
  • J.H.Kwabena Nketia and the African Avant-Garde (Akin Euba)




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