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Intercultural Music, Vol 5

Robert Mawuena Kwami, Editor
Published for the CIMA by the MRI Press, 2003.
Cat No. MRI-0005BK 


323 pp, ISBN 0-9627473-4-3 $24.00 per copy plus shipping 



Title of Essay (Author)

  • Report on the 5th International CIMA Symposium and Festival held at City University, London (Akin Euba)
  • Music Making as an Expression of a Changing Asian American Identity:  The Music of Liu Oichao and Lee Pei Ming (Weihua Zhang)
  • The Conflict Between National Identity and Interculturalism in Contemporary African Art Music:  The Case of Ghana's Cultural Policy and the Ghana National Symphony Orchestra (George Dor)
  • Chinese Pipa Pieces composed in the 20th Century (Wu Ben)
  • Cross-cultural Collaboration:  Composing a New Work with I. Nyoman Wenten - Reminiscences (Elaine Barkin)
  • Borrowing or Stealing?  Celebration or Global Village?  Interculturalism in Contemporary Music from a Composer's Point of View (Leigh Landy)
  • Derivation of Organic Music Structure and Materials from the Solutions of Schredinger's Equation (Rajmil Fischman)
  • The Music of John Mayer:  An Intercultural Composer from India (John O. Robison)
  • Towards an Intercultural Analysis of Black Classical Music:  A Study of Fela Sowande's Works (Bode Omojola)
  • Black Classical Music in British Schools"  A Preliminary Study (Robert Mawuena Kwami)
  • Encompassing Diversity - An Experiment in Music Course Design (June Boyce-Tillman and Malcolm Floyd)

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