Popular Music in Western Nigeria: Theme, Style and Patronage

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Popular Music in Western Nigeria cover

Popular Music in Western Nigeria: Theme, Style and Patronage

by Bode Omojola
Published by the Institut Français de Recherché en Afrique
2014 New Edition

153 pages, ISBN 979-10-92312-23-2

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This book discusses the growth of popular music in western Nigeria, focusing on social themes, musical styles, and the contexts and ways in which the music has been performed, enjoyed and interpreted since the colonial era. In addition to analyzing specific works by musicians like Ambrose Campbell, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, Victor Olaiya, Haruna Ishola and Abolore Adegbo
la Akande (aka 9ice), the book devotes substantial attention to how popular music in western Nigeria has been disseminated and nurtured in nightclubs in cities like Lagos and Ibadan. Omojola combines the methods of historiography, ethnography and musical analysis to generate a concise study that effectively discusses the integral relationships between musical styles, social practices and political developments in western Nigeria.

Table of Contents:


Introduction: Defining Popular Music: Western Models and African Perspectives

1  Indigenous Music is Popular Music: Cultural and Social Identity in Nigerian Traditional Music
2  Historical and Cultural Background Popular Music in Nigeria
3  Performers, Musical Styles, and Social Themes
4  Nightclubs and Popular Music

Summary and Conclusion


Selected Discography




Bode Omojola teaches African music, world music, and ethnomusicology at Mount Holyoke College and the other institutions of the Five College Consortium, namely, Amherst College, Hampshire College, Smith College and the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. A former Radcliffe Institute Fellow in Musicology at Harvard University, Bode Omojola is the founding secretary of the Musicological Society of Nigeria (now Association of Nigerian Musicologists).

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